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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Steamed Fruit Cake

This is the first i made steamed fruit cake. I used Rima of Bisousatoi recipe, original recipe from CMG.

375 gr mix fruits
250 gr butter - i used Golden Churn
300 gr flour*
    1 tsp Sodium Bicarbonate*
    1 tsp Cream of tartar* (* mix and sifted)
    3 grade A eggs
150 gr brown sugar 

150 gr sugar (for sugar burn)
1/4 cup almond slices (almond flakes) - skip
A seed nutmeg, grated
Cherry red / green for decorations
1 tbsp black treacle (I added for darker colour)

- Boil water in kukusan (steamer). Cover steamer lid with kitchen towel. 

  Grease and layer with baking paper an 7x7x3 inches.
- Mix flour with cream of tartar and soda bicarbonate - sieve.
- Add in grated nutmeg seeds and mix well.
- Add mix fruits in the flour, mix well. This is to avoid fruits fm sinking - Set aside.
- Beat butter & sugar until fluffy.
- Add in black treacle - mix well

- Add in egg one by one & continue to whisk till well combined. (add in egg and whisk for a minute bef adding the second egg)
- Add in flour/fruits mixture until just mixed.
- Melt sugar in a non stick pan with slow heat until bubble starts to form.. Let it bubble for a few sec or till sugar colour turn dark
- Quickly but carefully pour into the cake mixture while stirring with wooden spatula.
(It will get harden once it touches batter, so fold in fast.. Dont worry if there is some crystallised caramel in the batter).
- Pour batter into baking tin.. arrange cherries.
- Steam for 4hrs on medium heat.. (on high for 2 1/2hr.. medium for 1 1/2hr)
(whenever u wanna add water to ur steamer make sure u use boiling water).

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