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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cheese Tart

Ingredients :
I. Pastry :
80 gr unsalted butter
30 gr caster sugar
pinch of salt
20 gr beaten egg
10 gr evaporated milk
70 gr bread flour
50 gr cake flour

II. Cheese Filling :
100 gr cream cheese
  40 gr caster sugar
140 gr whipping cream (whipped)
120 gr yoghurt
    1 tsp lemon juice

Method :
1. Combine unsalted butter, caster sugar and salt with low speed mixer. Adjust to high speed and beat until fluffy. Add beaten egg and evaporated milk, beat until smooth and pale. Add bread flour and cake flour. Mix well with rubber spatula.
2. Preheat oven at 150C. Divide pastry dough into 8 portions and 2 mini portions. Use toohpick to poke some small holes.
3. Put tart base into lower section of oven. bake at 180C until tart base changes colour. Adjust to 150C. The entire baking process takes 20 min.
4. Filling : Combine cream cheese and caster sugar with mixer speed 1. Adjust to high speed and beat until fluffy. Add Whipping cream, yoghurt and lemon juice. Beat until smooth and creamy. Transfer to piping bag. Pipe evenly into each tart mould. Refrigerated until set.

Source : Charles Ho - Jolly Kitchen Series

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