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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Belgian Waffle

Finally found this recipe with similar taste with bakery sell here. Crispy outside but soft inside. You can eat it with fruits, chocolate and ice cream off course. Waffle and ice cream is to die for partner, isn't it?? :-)

Belgian Waffle


500 gr plain flour
2/3 cups milk
  2 eggs
pinch salt
  1 tsp vanilla extract
  2 tbSp sugar
  1 tbSp instant yeast
200 gr soft butter
150 gr castor sugar

Method :

1. Mix all ingredients except the butter and sugar till dough forms.
2. In a large bowl knead the dough 4-5 minutes. Dough will seem dry - do not be tempted to add fluids. Form a ball and cover with a towel.
   Put aside until doubles in size.
3. Add the butter to the dough until completely incorporated. It may take a few minutes of kneading.
4. Add the castor sugar  and knead until the dough is soft.
5. Weight each 70 gr and set aside on tray. Cover for 15 minutes.
6. Meanwhile heat the waffle machine. Place the ball in the machine and cook till golden brown, approx 2-3 minutes.

Can be frozen and reheated.

Source : prettybakinginisrael

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