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Monday, July 18, 2011

Pai Pau ( Hongkong Famous Sweet Bread)

Pai Pau

Akhirnya ketemu juga resep roti sisir ini, selama ini gak tau kalo nama beken aslinya Pai Pau sampai ketemu di buku resep terbitan Hongkong, langsung deh pengen nyobain.

Here is the recipe :
250 gr Bread Flour
  60 gr Sugar
100 gr Milk
  75 gr Whipping Cream
    1 Egg yolk
   10 gr Yeast
  40 gr Butter
 10 gr Full Cream Skimmed Milk
 10 gr Condensed Milk
  50 gr Pre-fermented dough ( tanzhong)

Method :

Place milk in bowl mix with yeast. Add in all ingredients into yeast solution exclude butter.
knead until smooth, add in butter, even dough until elastic.
Place buns in a greased tray, allow to rise 30 min. Divides buns into 50 gr each. Roll firmly into a ball, then rise further 30 min. Roll into stripe shape. Allow to rise on greased baking tray in " Row" until 1 1/2 size.
Brush with egg. Place in a pre-heated oven with 180 C for about 15 min.

Pre-fermented dough :
125 gr Bread Flour
  80 gr Water
    2 gr Yeast
pinch of salt

Mix all ingredient together and let it prove for at least 2 haours before using.

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  1. could you convert measurements into cups, tbs, tsp, etc. I am anxious to try this but dont understand the gr


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